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New Badge for the Celt Army

We are delighted this evening to unveil our new badge ahead of the 2019/20 campaign, as we usher in a new era at Farsley Celtic.

Chairman Paul Barthorpe commented on the changes, as he said: “We are looking to giving the club a new start, a new freedom, and a new way of doing things to reflect the bright future ahead of us, whilst also never forgetting who we are or where we have come from.

“We are the youngest board in the league by some distance, and it is therefore our responsibility to be the forerunners in club innovation, new thinking and positioning our club at the front of the rest when it comes to looking ahead.

“The old badge was disjointed and sent out conflicting messages, and many of our fans, particularly the younger generation, didn’t understand what the symbology represented.

“We have spent a lot of time and resources on getting this right, and have sought the opinions of multiple stakeholders across all demographics.

“We want our younger fans to be able to associate with our badge and understand who we are, so a modern simple design with a contemporary branding and with a unique approach to brand promotion we believe we will really have a club that we can push into the future.

“The club’s new nickname ‘The Celt Army’ is very much how we see ourselves, a tight group all fighting for the same thing, the ultimate success of our club!

“We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our fans and our community, and we will support them regardless of any external and surrounding issues as they have repeatedly proven that they will do the same for us!

“Our stadium will become as any football club wants their stadium to be, a fortress, a Citadel!

“We don’t want any other team to leave here with any points! Our aim is to give both sets of fans a fantastic experience, but not so much the opposing teams!

“We are looking to excite our fans both on and off the pitch, and to bring back the tight community spirit this club has enjoyed in the past.

“But more importantly, whilst striving to provide a unique offering in football, we will also ensure the long-term survival and success of the club we all love!”

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