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Kyle O’Reilly Appointed Head of Women’s Football

We are pleased to announce Kyle O’Reilly as our new Head of Women’s Football, with immediate effect.

O’Reilly has been with the club for the last eight months as our Women’s First Team Manager and has shown great leadership and made huge strides in the strategic development of the women’s and girl’s game across the whole club.

The Frickley Athletic Assistant Manager has worked hard since joining Farsley to build a new women’s reserve side, which we are proud to say have applied to play in the West Riding Women’s League for this season.

Launching our women’s reserve side shows our commitment to the future of women’s football at the club.

Chief Executive Josh Greaves commented on the announcement: “The board and I are pleased to be able to make this announcement, Kyle has become an integral part of the leadership at the club over the last few months and we are impressed by his professionalism and desire and drive for the women’s game at the club.

“We believe him taking on this new role will help the women’s game at Farsley evolve further and continue to grow in a positive direction.”

Kyle O’Reilly told FarsleyCeltic.co.uk: “It was a no brainer really, during the lockdowns and time off I’ve been in constant communication with Josh and the club as a whole, and any conversations have always branched out to future ideas and improving women’s football within the club.

“The club seems keen to progress the women’s section, and both Andy (Babb) and Eray (Altinoluk) in the development set-up are big advocates of girls football and are always bouncing ideas about with regards to the junior set-up, which in itself builds everybody else’s enthusiasm around the club.

“In addition, I think it’s any first-team managers’ job to keep an eye on the development of players/coaches and ultimately provide opportunities for those to showcase themselves.

“Lockdown’s been brilliant for getting out and watching the U16s, having meetings with the coaches and also getting the players involved in and around the first team set up, so taking on this new role seems a natural step within the club as we look to align everything from the Junior section through the first team.”

O’Reilly explained what his new role will encompass, as he continued: “In the immediate future, the priority is to get the reserve section flourishing and strengthening the pathway between the U16s, reserves, and first team.

“All three groups will see a lot of each other over the preseason, which we’re using as a clean slate as we look to get the club back to winning ways and back to making progress on and off the pitch.

“For me, the most important aspect of any football club is developing players and giving the youngsters something to aspire towards, if that isn’t happening then the idea of a football ‘club’ becomes redundant.

“It’s still an underutilised area of football with very few clubs producing their own players. We have fantastic facilities, we train and play on the same facilities as the men’s first team, so as a club we’re very much a part of the thinking and have huge potential to grow.

“Naturally we want to be successful on the pitch across the board as every team in each league wants to be, so making progress is the obvious answer and very much at the forefront of our thinking.

“As a club, we want to be at the top table of women’s football. We’re some way off that currently but that’s the direction we want to move in.

“Farsley’s an ambitious, up and coming area, and we want a football club that reflects that on and off the pitch, being adaptable, hardworking and progressive.

“I’d like us to, in time, get involved in the local area more, supporting local charities and being a real part of the community.

“Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s the direction we want to move in and something we can all aim for moving forward.”

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